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Here at MaxWell Medical, we offer Wellness Programs to directly benefit you and your colleagues. Our On-Site Massage Workshops can positively result and contribute to the well-being of individuals.

On-Site Chair Massage Workshops

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MaxWell Medical offers complimentary massage workshops during the work day for 15 minute intervals right in your workplace. Our on-site chair massages entail treatment of tension areas to help relieve the symptomatic effects of work-related stress.

On-site chair massages can be easily utilized in an everyday work environment. Massage therapy can relax muscle spasms, relieve tension, improve alertness and motivation, and reduce anxiety levels.

Top 5 Benefits of Our On-Site Chair Massage Workshop
  • Feel rejuvenated without leaving your office.
  • Become relaxed during a demanding work week.
  • Lessen muscle tension, fatigue and reduce stress levels.
  • Return to your desk feeling energized and motivated.
  • Schedule a complimentary 30 minute medical massage at any of our 5 convenient locations.
What can you expect from a Massage Workshop?
  • Excellent services conducted by experienced, licensed specialists
  • All necessary equipment, literature and supplies (massage chairs, etc)
  • Assistance in promoting the event to your co-workers
  • Gift giveaways to all employees who attend
  • Opportunity to schedule a 30 minute medical massage and consultation at any of our 5 convenient locations
How to Set-Up A Massage Workshop:
  • Speak to your Office Management to find out if your colleagues can benefit from a 15-minute massage at the office.
  • Contact our offices to schedule or find out more information about our workshops.
  • Boast around the office, knowing you are the reason everyone is feeling better!

Introducing our newest programs

Deskercise: Stay Well with MaxWell

Stretch Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You!

As part our our Wellness Program, we offer an effective, 10-minute seminar that will get you & your co-workers feeling better, faster. Our licensed massage therapist will guide you and your team through easy-to-follow stretches. We've developed two comprehensive stretch routines. One, to do directly at your desk and another that can be done in a shared work space. These stretches will get you feeling rejuvenated, productive and ready to take on the day!

To schedule a seminar at your office you can contact us at any of the 5 locations.

To book a Massage Workshop or for more information, please contact our office today!

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