5 April’s Fool Day Pranks (that won’t get you fired…)

‘Tis the season for some ole good clean fun! Office pranks are the best kind of pranks… of course when they’re easy to pull off and WON’T get you fired! We put together a list of pranks that don’t involve putting office supplies in jello & will get you a few laughs….and maybe an enemy or two in your office!

  1. Krispy Kreme Switch-a-roo

Everyone in our office has a sweet tooth, whether they like to admit it or not. Candles on a birthday cake are barely blown out before we’re cutting out slices and gone in minutes.

For this prank grab an empty Krispy Kreme box and instead of doughnuts replace with vegetables & dip. Place in your pantry around their 3pm when their 3pm sugar craving hits & wait to see the disappointment on your co-workers’ faces!

2. Flip Screen Confusion

Is your cubicle mate not technologically savvy? This prank is perfect for someone for them!

Arrive early and press “ctrl+Alt+the down arrow” on their keyboard. Their display screen & mouse control will flip upside down. Make sure to remain just as puzzled as they are once it happens. Let them in on the joke once they’re calling the IT dept.

3. Germaphobe’s Nightmare

We have hand sanitizer at every desk. Our front desk team are constantly wiping down their handsets, keyboards and desks. They are some major germaphobes and this joke will be perfect for them!

Pretend to sneeze and spray water into the air making it look like a cloud of flying germs is landing all over their deskspace. They’ll recoil and your prank worked successfully!

4. (not)Delicious Doughnuts 

This one is perfect immediately following the Krispy Kreme prank.

Buy a dozen boston creme doughnuts and pipe with mayo inside them or you can try this with jelly doughnuts and add some sriracha into each one!  This is best to try shortly after your co-workers discover the healthy treat and will be sure to indulge in this disgusting prank!

5. Let It Snow

Put some confetti or glitter on top of a ceiling panel where your victim will be sitting. Get some fishing line, and when you’re ready, let it snow! To soften the blow, be sure to assist in the clean-up!

Make sure to prank wisely especially when there may be some prank retaliation. This April Fool’s Day, MaxWell Medical wants you LAUGH MORE!