5 Free Walking Tours in NYC!

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We do everything in our power to avoid the “camera-clad-large -map-holding-stopping dead-in-their-tracks-tourist”. Don’t just  dodge them; join them. It’s time you rediscover New York City in all its glory and it’s the best weather to do so! Walk with purpose on these neighborhood tours. You can relive some historic New York City trails or create your own. This is an offer not to be missed. With some tours lasting up to two hours you can burn a few calories AND learn something new. MaxWell Medical wants you to take a stroll in the Big Apple with these:

5 Free Walking Tours

1) Greenwich Village Walking Tour Tour includes books, art and everything in between. It may be worth it just to see the Jefferson Market Library. Need another reason to join this tour, it begins rain or shine and does not require reservations. We’re ready to sign up.. oh wait, we don’t have to!

2) All-In-One Downtown Can’t decide what part of the city interests you most? Join the AIO tour with Free Tour by Foot (and subway) to experience the city from Wall Street all the way to Grand Central. With such a great catch phrase like, “We’re so hip, we know you’ll tip”, this is one tour group we’ll be sure not to miss.

3) The High Line Spanning more than 30 blocks, this tour can give you the bird eye’s view of 30th Street to the Meatpacking District. Go just to see the great transformation of the rail yards. Because the High Line is completely exposed to the elements be sure to go on a good weather day and more importantly, the only tour day available; TUESDAYS!

4) Grand Central Terminal Every quintessential New York City movie features a scene of Grand Central. And why not, it is beautiful. Just ask award winning tour guide, Justin Ferate. Or better yet, catch him on Fridays at 12:30. Enjoy the terminal in it’s true magnificence through the eyes of a man still in awe of this city.

5) Central Park Conservancy With over 13 distinct tours to showcase Central Park, you can easily find one best suited for you. The site includes levels of accessibility so it’ll certainly be difficult to say “no” to this guided tour.

Check out these great free guided tours to take advantage of this pleasant Spring weather!Walking is an easy to do exercise and when you’re strolling with a beautiful landscape you won’t feel the calories melting away.  MaxWell Medical wants you to WALK THIS WAY!