A Midnight “Walk” in Paris… or New York City, Barcelona, Milan, or London!: An Exercise Tip to Help Any Tourist

Midnight in Paris- This a romantic comedy about a couple that sets out to Paris on business but, end up discovering more about themselves…personally. Gil, the character played by Owen Wilson ventures out to unknown streets in Paris and finds himself in a more unfamiliar place in time that would certainly be any young writer’s dream!

Standing Quadriceps Stretch- Throughout the film, Gil is constantly walking the streets of Paris. Although he continues to wander and wander every night, Gil never takes a few minutes to give his muscles a much needed stretch.  Whether your walks are in the city of lights or the city that never sleeps the last thing you’d want to do is pull your quad.

1)    Stand up straight with perfect posture.

2)    Use a wall or chair for support and bend your right leg.

3)    Use your left arm for balance against the wall and reach back with your right hand. Grab the right foot or ankle.

4)    Gently pull the right leg towards your buttocks until you feel a stretch in your right quadriceps. Make sure your hips are forward and your knees are parallel to each other. (If you feel pain, stop )

5)    Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Release and repeat with your left leg.