A Movie that Clocks your every Move!: An Exercise Inspired by “Hugo”

Hugo- Martin Scorsese’s passion for film is evident in the movie Hugo. Hugo is about an orphaned boy, living behind the walls of a train station in 1930s Paris. When he’s not scrounging for food or maintaining all the clocks in the massive station by himself, he struggles to repair a broken toy that he thinks holds the key to his future.

Yoga Clock Pose- Hugo is constantly maintaining all the clocks, so what exercise would be better than the “Yoga Clock Pose”.

1.       Start off by being about six to eight inches away from the wall.

2.        Take your right arm to the wall at twelve o’clock. Then from pressing your hand into the wall, draw your right shoulder blade into your upper back.

3.       As you press into the wall now, twist your heart and even your feet and your torso and your legs more toward the left.

4.       Then you follow the clock, so from twelve go to one or two, and you might have to back off a little bit in your stance as the stretch gets deeper.

5.       As a beginner, don’t forget to continuously take deep breaths as the stretches get deeper.

To grasp a better understanding of this exercise, check out this video!