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    5 Ways to Have a Smarter Summer

    Don’t let your wit get fried! We’ve got 5 tips and resources to keep you a step ahead of the rest this summer. Ready, Set, Summer! Stay Cation We’re packing our bags, putting on our sunblock and getting ready to stay in NYC. There’s nothing better than summer in the city. New York Magazine has […]

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    5 Free Walking Tours in NYC!

    We do everything in our power to avoid the “camera-clad-large -map-holding-stopping dead-in-their-tracks-tourist”. Don’t just  dodge them; join them. It’s time you rediscover New York City in all its glory and it’s the best weather to do so! Walk with purpose on these neighborhood tours. You can relive some historic New York City trails or create […]

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    5 Winter Escapes: To Keep You in NYC

      When the weather outside is frightful…grab some hot cocoa and get delightful! Your holiday to-do list is getting longer and longer and the hordes of tourists, shoppers, and men dressed up as Santa Claus are enough to make you want to flee. Before you rush out of the city, MaxWell Medical wants you to […]

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    Falling for Fall: 4 Places for Fall Foliage

    Next to summer in the city, there’s nothing better than NYC during autumn. There’s a certain amount of romance that makes you feel like you’re in a Woody Allen movie. Whether it’s donning on some extra layers or just watching the leaves change. Central Park doesn’t have to be your only escape from the city. […]