Rock Star of the Month: Cormac McCourt, LMT

He’s got moves like Jagger and a whole lot more. Whether he’s doing the worm, sporting a green thumb or in a tree pose stance, our Rock Star of the Month is BUSY. But, you could never tell his life is moving 100 miles per hour because he always has a smile on and is keeping it zen! There isn’t much that our Rock Star of the Month, Cormac McCourt can’t do.

We were able to steal a few moments to learn more about our favorite B-Boy.

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know about Cormac/CMac/McCourt:

1.       Started with just a container garden in the Bronx, I now own and manage a farm in Ulser County NY.

2.       My green thumb definitely comes in handy because I am a certified Holistic Health Counselor.

3.       All I need is a beat to pop lock or get in my b-boy stance!

4.       I might have gained notoriety at MaxWell Medical from my techniques on and off the dance floor.

5.       I have a few famous family members. My late uncle Frank McCourt is the author of “Angela’s Ashes”, my father Malachy McCourt is also a best-selling author, and my mother Diana McCourt has been one of the most stalwart advocates for people with mental and physical disabilities.

6.       I’m named after royalty. King Cormac Mac Art was a high king of Ireland.

7.       The original Dumbledore from Harry Potter is my god-father!

8.        You should know I bleed blue, I’m from New Yorkkk!

9.       I can “OM” all day. I’ve been a certified Yoga Instructor since 1995 and have been practicing since 1983!

10.   I am soon-to-be the first grandfather on the MaxWell Medical team.

Cormac has been a part of the MaxWell team since 07 and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Cormac dabbles in all things healthy and is a great example of how you can DO MORE! With Cormac on our team we know that relief starts here!

Have questions for our multi-talented therapist? Set up an appointment with Cormac to find out how you can Do More!