Summer Essentials

Before you head out the door this summer be sure to grab your sunscreen, sunglasses and bottled water… and a roller ball or two!

Essential oils have been around for years and their benefits are widely known. Technically speaking, aromatic molecules of essential oils interact with sensors in your nasal cavity, lungs, pores, and more. Once engaged, these sensors emit signals to the rest of your body–including your limbic system.

Inhaling essential oils may be one of the fastest ways to create physiological or psychological benefits. Essential oils can also enter the skin directly and your skin is the largest organ in your body!

Our most popular roller blends are:

-Focus- which contains peppermint and lemon. It helps to keep you centered and clear.

-Chill Out- which contains lavender, stress away, and copaiba. It helps to relax and unwind.

-Relief- which contains copaiba, panaway, and peppermint. It is most beneficial as post-workout support.