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    Referral REWARDS

    Spring has SPRUNG! We’ve shed our winter weather wear and we are ready to take on the raising temps, the AC blasting on subways, friendlier folks, and the pollen! (… well, maybe not the pollen!) This Spring season invite your coworkers, friends and family to share in the magic that is being pain-free with MaxWell Medical! […]

    Relief in the City

    Just launched our new video – Relief in the City! Learn what symptoms and ailments we can help treat here at MaxWell Medical. When you’re not in pain, you can tackle the city each and every day! Please share our new video to friends and family who need relief. We now have 4 Manhattan locations!

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    RockStar of the Month: Olayinka Akisanya

    He’s a man of many words, few of which we can understand. He is also an invaluable, and often hilarious, member of the MaxWell Medical family. Our staff member of the month is our Doctor of Physical Therapy, Olayinka Akisanya. (But, we like to call him Yinka for short). Born inLagos,Nigeria, he moved to theUnited […]

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    Rockstar of the Month: Melissa Soquite

    Loves to swim, play volleyball and was a track star for two years at Velez College. Yes, MaxWell Medical has another athletic staff member and her name is Melissa Soquite. Born and raised in the Philippines, Melissa has been an avid swimmer since the age of 6 and learned to play volleyball in grade school. […]