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    Elena W.

    I have been a patient for about a year and get massage treatment. I most recently had arthroscope surgery on my hip. My specialist suggested to get scare tissue massage therapy so I had my treatment done here. Not knowing what to expect it was a little painful (breaking down scar tissue to avoid keloids isn't easy) but the best treatment I could have received! After 5 weeks of therapy, the scar is barely visible! Thank you so much Maxwell!!!!!

    Jee Hye Kim

    Not only everyone is friendly, but I love this place especially because of Jessica! Thank you for your smile!! Maxwell Medical is such a warm and inviting experience. From the front desk staff to the therapists – everyone is friendly and professional. With my hectic schedule, I am so grateful to have the flexibilty of scheduling and rescheduling appointments.
    This place is great! The therapist and staff are very professional and expertly trained.

    Rachelle Young

    The physical therapists here are all excellent and the staff is attentive and pleasant. I always walk out feeling 100% better.

    Lisa O.

    I LOVE Maxwell Medical. I have been going to Dr. Hall for chiropractic sessions for a few years now. I have gone to chiropractors for over 30 years. Dr. Hall is at the top of my list in terms of ability and true concern for the patient!! The office manager and patient coordinators are also all friendly and efficient. Makes the whole experience pleasant and productive. I HIGHLY recommend Maxwell Medical!

    Andre W.

    The staff is incredibly efficient, friendly and professional. The office has a spa-like environment, so your stress level goes down immediately upon entering! Dr. Ron Nathanson is a miracle worker! Without ever having to pinpoint where my problem areas are, he knows exactly how to fix my ailments and I couldn't go to work without him! Chris Lee is the best massage therapist to see. He's thorough, super nice and doesn't make me feel like he's rushing. Also, they play great music!

    Paul L.

    This place is great. Doctors are knowledgeable and therapists are very skilled. My wife and I have been very happy with the experience and always leave feeling refreshed!

    Miosotis P.

    Been comming here for several months the receptionist Martine & Jessica are extremely helpful and sweet.Roth the chiropractor is AMAZING omg he cracked all the spots felt new afterwards defiantly recommend comming here for that and the physical therapy.Caitlin and David are great physical therapist!! After they're done literally you feel completely relaxed.Anyone with any back aches or any type of body aches needs to come here you feel welcomed and get your pain taken away. I have been going to Maxwell Medical for over a year. It's great because the treatments are covered by my insurance. Moreover, you can customize your treatments. The doctors and office staff members are knowledgeable. I would also describe the Maxwell medical team as being very warm and friendly. I highly recommend Maxwell Medical.

    Heidi B.

    So I've been given free flyers all over Manhattan for what seems like an eternity, but gave this place a try in summer of 2011 and have been going ever since. The massage is not for the weak but will change your life if you work your life away at a computer like I do. This place has the everybody knows your name thing going, quality service and holistic healing. I specifically rec a consult w/chriro God Dr. Hall. He also carries a great supplement selectionat cost inc the best fish oil and probiotics. Accupuncture and trigger point inj are also sweet. Joey is the bomb for fixing my f'd up back. You can't go here without seeing Joey. Finally, they accept nearly all insurance plans and don't bleed you dry for out of network.

    Zelda D.

    I started going to Maxwell Medical because I had been experiencing pain and weakness in my right arm for several months. The doctor diagnosed me with tennis elbow and we discussed medical options. I started twice-a-week therapy with the physical therapists (massage, ultrasound and stim) and started following the recommendations of the staff re: stretching, exercise and icing. Less than two months later and my pain is gone! Exactly what I needed. Thanks, guys!

    Jeff S.

    Love them. Great back relief. Doc chirp and therapy. Clean nice and easy. Been going for years

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