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    Brit R.

    I have been going to Maxwell Medical for chiro and manual pt for a few months now and I feel so much better. I originally started to go because of upper back pain and now I feel better all around. Every doctor I have had has helped me in a different way and it is nice that you get to work with different people to see what works or doesn't work for you. Also the front desk staff is so kind and helpful whenever I reach out to book and appointment or go over my insurance info and payments.

    Will T.

    I love this place; not sure why it took me so damn long to finally come and write about it, but here it is. The staff here are wonderful, warm, and incredibly friendly. The office itself is pretty expansive but well organized, with a front counter, a series of offices in the back (where the chiropractors and doctors are), with several rows of massage tables, separated from each other with curtain partitions. The treatments are pretty comprehensive; usually they consist of a back adjustment from the chiropractor, Dr. Rollins (plus a side of free life advice--which I always need), and then a medical massage/heat-stim treatment from one of the therapists (Liz, Barry, Dave, Janki, etc). At times, the doctor will administer a trigger point treatment if needed. The ladies at the front desk are efficient and welcoming, and can do battle with even the most manipulative of insurance companies. Definitely check out Maxwell. It's just an oasis of calm and understanding in the desert that is New York, and great for your health besides.

    Ami R.

    I've had this constant ache/pain for years in between my neck and shoulders (on the right side), that I have never been able to get rid of. I've been to 3 other chiropractors but I only ever received temporary relief, which was not enough for me. I figured I would be stuck with the ache/pain forever. So, I decided to try to find another chiropractor, in hopes that it would solve my problems. Mind you, at this point in time, I had begun to feel tingling down my right arm and numbness as well. I have been seeing Dr. Ron Nathanson since June 2016 until now, October 2016, and he is AMAZING!! I love him for helping me get rid of the tingling and numbness in my arm, and even decreasing the constant ache significantly, in only 5 MONTHS! I have much more range of motion than I used to, and I am confident he will be able to get rid of whatever is left as well. He's a miracle worker, and I'm glad I found him because he's the best!! I also get massages when I visit, and I have a few favorites (Fernando, Andre & Shelly). They are the best at what they do and I feel great after seeing them to be honest.

    Robin A.

    Maxwell is a multi-discipline practice. I wasn't sure it would be for me because i am used to a small practice. I found them in the phone book and they have late hours, which is great because i work in brooklyn The reception is very efficient. Wait times are generally not long and they have all kinds of cute little gifts so i now have little hot/cold packs foe home and office as well as aromatherapy, water bottle, etc ANYWAY I haven't felt this good in years. They got me right in to see doc, xrays and i started on physical therapy on my first visit. The chiropractors are good. It took me a while to get used to seeing different practitioners each time. But everyone is super nice and efficient and familiar with my case. I enjoy seeing the differences in technique. Highly recommend

    David L.

    Right from the start I knew this was a great office. Khecy answered all my questions on the phone told be about the office and what to expect(we have become friends now). I have been coming for a few weeks and it's a great experience. Dr. Lai is my first Chiropractor, he explains everything and is very calm. I was nerves going in at first I've never really had a chiropractic visit before and he made it a pleasant one. I decided to try Acupuncture and Shareen Wilson and I just clicked right away. She has such energy and is very knowledgeable about her craft. I can go on. But come for a visit and you'll meet everyone who is and has helped me. You won't be disappointed. (or just stop by for the oranges)

    Kalyan R.

    Just so fantastic. This is too good to be true and yet it is!! I didn't think much when I got the free flyer, but I went to get my massage and was amazed by the professionalism and courtesy and kindness that everyone showed. From the doctors to the receptionists to the massage therapists, I was absolutely impressed. TEN DOLLARS with my insurance FOR A MASSAGE. That is a damn good deal and basically the price of a beer at a bar. I've signed up for 3 sessions a week for the next several weeks and already my life has improved so much. Also, I got my second visit for free also...I just am baffled and in love.

    M S.

    Love this place. Staff is friendly and professional. Therapists are experienced and knowledgeable. I have been going for years and in comparison to other places this place is awesome.

    Heather T.

    I had surgery on my foot a year ago and hardly had any movement in my toes. Paul is the very best therapist EVER . I have seen such a marked improvement in my walk and definitely have more range of motion with my toes. THANKS PAUL

    Claire F.

    They're amazing- I couldn't recommend more highly. It feels luxurious and I feel amazing leaving. Everyone is so nice too

    Jeff S.

    Love them. Great back relief. Doc chirp and therapy. Clean nice and easy. Been going for years

    George L.

    Maxwell Medical is unlike any other PT I've ever received. Almost, to the point where I'm wishing I hurt myself more often just so I can have an excuse to come back here. Not really but you know what I mean.

    Decor: very welcoming. Bright, open, colorful, clean, with usually some relaxing scents in the air. The space isn't huge but everything fits nicely without you feeling cluttered.

    I think more then anything i appreciate their general concern for my recovery. I've been to other PT services and there was a heavy emphasis on strengthening which lead to the same stretches and movements every visit for weeks. Little to no variations in treatment which makes everything seem so routine. At Maxwell Medical, they focus stabilizing in addition to strengthening and more importantly pain reduction. So if you need to see a chiropractor, it's there. You need a good stretch and massage, it's there. You need pressure point therapy, it's there. You need muscle stimulation, it's there.

    Honestly, I can't say enough about them and if your health insurance allows...I STRONGLY advise you pay them a visit.

    Kirsten C.

    Maxwell Medical has become an absolutely integral and positive part of my life and I am so grateful for it! This location boasts a great team of medical professionals who are the best at what they do and care so much about their patients and their work. From the front desk to the chiro table and beyond, everyone is wonderful. I started coming to this location about 6-7 months ago and my experience has been great.

    I work mostly with Kinjal and Ramon for physical therapy and therapeutic massage -- it is a genuine joy to see them each time not only because they work magic in helping me heal (from working on simple neck tightness to a thrown out back or a complex shoulder injury) but also because they are kind and interesting people! Same goes for Dr. Tarnoff and Dr. Tan -- each of whom is a fantastic chiro -- they listen to your concerns and adjust gently and effectively and really get to know your body's issues over time. Dr. Barayeva's needling work has helped me stave off an about-to-seize-up neck. Importantly, the ladies at the front desk Miriam, Taylor and Katherine have been awesome at helping me with everything from insurance to accommodating my ever-changing schedule.

    Thanks, MaxWell!!

    Natalie C.

    MaxWell hosted a booth at my company's fair. They offered a complimentary 30-min massage targeting an area for first-timers (not a full-body massage). The second time I visited a physiotherapist who took a look at my upper back and shoulders, and devised a plan to fix my pain. There are also ultrasound, back massage, and back electro-like stuff to help sooth my tense muscles. The third-time I saw a chiropractor who cracked my back and my back was at ease. Same procedure with ultrasound, massage and electro-like stuff. I went again the fourth time and so forth. All sessions were very good for my upper back and shoulders pain that I have had for over a decade from working long hours at my desk. Also, they teach you what exercises to do at home and at work. Now Maxwell has became my absolute favorite relaxing place.

    General: Very clean office. Polite and welcoming workers. Everyone is very professional and very good at what they do. No waiting time. They are on-time with appointments. Offers a nice gym, water, tea, chocolates, candy, fruits, etc...

    Edwin D.

    It all started with a guy handing out a flyer for a free consultation and 30-minute medical massage. Little did I know that it would be one of the most life changing moments for me. "Proper alignment is necessary for healthy joints." "The body has the ability to heal itself." "It's all connected." That's how it was explained to me when I came to Maxwell Medical for my first consultation and the moment I knew that they would be able to help me maintain my active lifestyle.

    For several years, I was in and out of other clinics with a diagnosis of IT Band Syndrome, Patellofemoral Syndrome and Arthritis, offering nothing more than temporary relief through repetitive strengthening exercises and rounds of prescription medication. They told me I should stop running as it would only further damage my knees.

    Then I found Maxwell Medical. What sets Maxwell apart from the other places is that they do not simply address the symptoms and make them go away temporarily, but they identify the source and prescribe an individualized course of manual treatment. They also provide stretches and exercises to do at home for a more holistic and natural solution, without the use of prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatories. They are a full-service facility, offering chiropractic, sports massage, physical therapy, trigger point therapy and acupuncture, all in one office at each location.

    After four weeks, they corrected my laterally tilted pelvis, resolved my IT band issues and restored full functionality to both of my knees, allowing me to run my first PAIN-FREE Half Marathon in Brooklyn this past May. Maxwell Medical is no joke, they deliver REAL results!

    Hannah H.

    MaxWell Medical has impressed me since my first interaction with their staff. I had been going to another physical therapy office for a while that had inconsistent hours and fluctuating days when chiropractic care was available. I was getting off of the subway at Bowling Green and decided that I would accept one of the 'Free Medical Massage' cards that people are always handing out over there. I called and was greeted by someone super friendly. I was able to quickly schedule my appointment. When I arrived I was really impressed by the cleanliness and overall first impression physically. I was escorted into a room for my free massage and the gentleman who provided it did a phenomenal job. I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for months and the only thing that would tame it was trigger point injections. This gentleman was able to specifically target the area of issue and without any prior knowledge asked if I had a dual-screen monitor at my desk -- in 10 minutes, he got to the root of my issue that I had been going to the other office for 2 years to seek treatment for. He was extremely well educated and was able to explain the way different muscles connect to each other. He was very professional. Since that initial interaction, I have consistently been making visits. When the mandatory shut-down happened due to COVID-19, Maxwell staff contacted me once a week, sent newsletters, and provided telehealth options for people to continue their care at home. Since returning to their office they have quickly adapted to ensuring that patients are safe in their environment. They offer masks, wipes, gloves, etc. Their front staff feel like friends or family. They are always so friendly, welcoming, and accommodating. I always leave feeling well informed by the doctors and PT staff. One last thing, I have been receiving chiropractic care since I was 14. My aunt is a well-known chiropractor in Indiana and I started receiving alignments at an early age. It takes a lot for me to feel comfortable with someone doing my adjustment, but their team of chiropractors do a phenomenal job. If you are looking for general wellness care for PT/chiropractics, do yourself a favor and check them out. You won't be sorry!

    Jason L.

    If you're looking for Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, or Acupuncture, Maxwell Medical is the place to be! I have been coming to Maxwell Medical for just about a year now, and I have to admit I have relieved most, if not all, of my upper, mid, and lower back pains. Having lived with tight muscles / pains all my life, I had come to accept that this was the "norm". After being adjusted and worked on, I have learned that pain and tight muscles is not something we just have to live with. I have gotten to know my body better, be more aware of what is causing my pain, how to be in a better posture, and overall be more cognizant of how I treat my body. If you're looking for any or all of the services that Maxwell offers, I recommend giving this location a call. The office staff is definitely friendly and eager to address any of your questions or concerns. Call ahead and have them check your insurance, and they will tell you exactly is covered; (it is really is affordable, just a low cost copay per visit - regardless of how many services are rendered). Chances are you're paying for health insurance, you might as well put it to use and take care of your body! Definitely ask all the questions you may have; it is your body, and your health. Everyone is there to help! Get to know your the doctors/chiropractors/therapist/acupuncturist, if you really like how one (or more) person(s) works on you, ask for their name and schedule; they all rotate between the 5 Maxwell Medical locations and may not be at this one location every day! Reviewers in the past have had issues with insurance and their Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), this is definitely nerve racking to see insurance has not covered a portion of the bill, and one would automatically assume you are left to cover the difference. However this is not the case, I recommend asking the office staff to clarify what exactly you are responsible for up front. Insurance does not always pay out for everything that is billed (that's just how insurance is), but Maxwell will never charge you more than what was agreed upon, even if insurance doesn't pay out fully. P.S. Vallerie is the awesome office manager for this location, and the office is always stocked with Hershey's Kisses! (If you manage to clear the entire bowl out... I'd be pretty impressed).

    Chervon S.

    I started going to Maxwell Medical in February 2019 for: pain throughout my body, fatigue, being overweight, and tingling and numbness in my arms. After seeing Dr. Ron, one of the Chiropractor's my neck and back is not as tight as it was before and I no longer have the numbness in my arms and fingers. I definitely keep my weekly Wednesday appointments because if i dont, I regret it by Monday. Shareen my acupuncturist is awesome to. I really needed acupuncture its changed my life. Those needles realease toxins and increases a flow in your body where their may have been stoppage. I strongly advise Shareen for acupuncture and Dr. Ron for chiropractic services. Perfect cocktail for midweek crisis.

    Chalene R.

    A few years ago I found out about Maxwell Medical at a health fair hosted by my employer and I have been coming here ever since. I have scoliosis with multiple curvatures in my spine and Dr Tarnoff has worked wonders for me. She is the only chiropractor I have ever gone to, and the only one I will ever go to as she is gentle, considerate of her clients' needs and very professional. She is very open to discussing my condition and provides recommendations to help alleviate my discomfort. I would absolutely recommend her for anyone needing chiropractic care. Additionally the medical doctors (Dr Tanden and Dr Vasquez) and physiotherapists (Maria, Caesar and Rich) are fantastic, and do great work to help their patients with their injuries. The receptionists are all friendly and very personable. Overall this is a haven in the Financial District

    Alexandra C.

    If you work around Wall Street you are offered these fliers for a free massage all the time. Yes, you do need to have insurance in order to get the appointment. It should not matter if your insurance is accepted or not.. They will find this out once you give then your id card at start of appointment. At least that is how it worked for me. It's a very nice place, a retreat from this concrete jungle of narrow, stressful streets in FiDi. I still got the half hour massage even though my crappy insurance doesn't cover Maxwell.. and let me say it was THE best medical massage ever.. Well worth it. Now, if only I had good insurance. Hmph.

    Fi N.

    My father has been coming in to see the incredibly professional and patient Dr. Arti Pajwani. She has taken the time out to inform him of various treatments available as well as to provide him with the appropriate and individualized therapy for his RTC infringement syndrome or shoulder pain. He has had numerous therapy sessions with the well-trained and professional physical therapists at Maxwell. Moreover, he finds the staff truly friend and relatable. Unfortunately, his therapy is about to come to end but he has referred others to this practice.

    Jocelyn C.

    Prior to finding Maxwell Medical late last year I suffered from neck and shoulder pain and chronic fatigue. I spent hundreds of dollars on Chinese massages and acupuncture treatments to keep it in check...but now I don't have to. Maxwell takes my insurance, United Healthcare, and is located near my office. The staff is friendly and professional. I feel like a new person after acupuncture by Aileen and chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Ron. Both are very skilled and knowledgeable and kind. My weekly visits help reduce stress which I believe causes a lot of the pain. As an added bonus, my energy levels have improved dramatically since starting acupuncture in the spring. I am able to exercise 3 to 5 times a week whereas before 1 exercise session would have me wiped out for a week. Give them a try if they take your insurance and see if it will help make a dramatic improvement in your life too. Nothing is more important than your health and feeling good. Without it you cannot take care of the ones you love!

    Ashley T.

    I learned about this place through the 1/2 hour medical massage flyers they hand out on the street (as does everyone who works in the area) and I finally decided to check it out. It wasn't a spa-like massage (no soothing music or incense) as I expected, but since I have sports injuries, even better for me! I wasn't asked for my insurance card until after my free massage was finished (and I didn't even have it on me), but in no way were they pushy about - I just brought it next time. And there certainly have been next times! Everyone in this office is cheerful and knowledgeable and prompt. They call the day before to confirm every appointment (sorry I haven't been picking up, guys! I'm slammed with work!) and when I go in on my lunch break, everyone is very attentive to my time constraints and they get me in and out the door in no time, feeling fabulous to boot. One thing I like about Maxwell compared to other places I've visited is that they have a full operation in house. There's no "see the chiropractor here and then attend physical therapy 40 blocks away and then check in with the other doctor somewhere else." Not here - everyone works within the same, clean and well decorated space, so you're able to take care of everything you need in one visit. They also explain their process as they're going through therapy with you, which I appreciate because I'd like to know what's going on and how each part of therapy will benefit my body. They're having a freebie welcome session this Wednesday (I think it is a new location), and I like it so much I'm dragging my coworkers for free 15min massages and goodie bags 🙂 They really have done everything to win me over as a patient, and I want to bring more into the fold, which is very unusual for me to do, so you know they're doing a great job. TL:DR - Great knowledgeable people, not a spa but clean and vibrant medical/PT office, everything present in house and they don't waste your time. Keep it up guys! Thanks!

    Bibi A.

    I work around Wall Street and I've been going to them for over a year and I love it! I didn't know that I could live without pain. I suffer from Tendonitis and back pains from sitting all day long. I love getting my body massaged and cracked it makes the world of difference. Since I have been going my tendonitis has gone away for the most part because I keep up with the exercises they have thought me and I also work less and take breaks. The staff is amazing! I have worked with Chris, Sheree, Liz, Dr. Ron, Dr. Siddiqi among others and everyone over all have been very professional, friendly and just a pleasure 🙂 I highly recommend this place to anyone because the first visit is free and they accept all major insurances because they are out of network with everyone so they accept the out of network rates. I didn't know what my life was missing before I came to Maxwell Medical and now I am a new woman because of them! They offer very comprehensive care, this place is a dream come true, I wish they would just have an OB/Gyn and a Medical Doctor who would just complete my care all in one awesome place! Thank you MaxWell Medical!

    Teeee B.

    I have been to quite a few Wellness facilities throughout the city and MaxWell Medical has been the best I have experienced thus far. The front desk staff is genuinely hospitable, extremely friendly and most of all accommodating. Dr. Ron (chiropractic specialist) is awesome! He has the utmost perseverance with his patients. If that crick in your neck/back is still there he will continue to do whatever it takes to get you feeling your best. He is also extremely knowledgeable on natural remedies and has provided me some great tips! The LMTs on staff are just as great. They take the time to focus on where you need the most help. Yenka/Rich/Chereese go up and beyond with their manual techniques. All the therapists there are great for the most part - but some stood out more given their knowledge and skill set and have helped me a great deal. The entire office is in sync with each patient's different needs. Their professionalism as a practice exceeds my expectations. Keep up the great work. Be sure to book your appointment in advance and stick to it, they can get very busy.

    Nicole B.

    I had an excellent experience today at MaxWell Medical. Went in for some neck + shoulder pain and they really gave me a thorough work through. Great chiropractic adjustment and x-rays (revealing some possible causes of other issues I wasn't even coming in for!) followed by super therapeutic massage and electronic therapy on my back. Wow. Practitioners were super experienced, thorough, explained everything and answered all my questions. Felt super taken care of. And the facilities are really nice, too. Highly recommended.

    Real S.

    Was planning on seeing a podiatrist for severe plantar fasciitis. Took a card from a young person as I was walking to work and decided to go for a trial consultation. The positive and professional team who worked with me 2x a week for a month far exceeded my expectations. I'm walking without pain again and am extremely grateful. I will be continuing the exercises and hot and cold at home treatment they showed me but if I have any other problems I know I'll be back in good hands at Maxwell Medical...

    Ubah H.

    I have had a physical therapy script for over a year for my left knee and never did anything about it. But recently I got a flyer on the street for a free half hour massage and decided to check it out. Turns out that this is a real medical office with board certified physicians, licensed physical therapist, licensed massage therapist and acupuncturist. I originally went in for the free half an hour massage promotion and once I found that my insurance covered for PT and chiropractic care I signed up as new patient immediately! Everyone there is so awesome and so professional. I love their décor! Highly recommend these offices, especially the 99 wall st location...in fact two of my coworkers are going there this week!

    Amy B.

    This place has it all. In the past I have had chiropractic care, acupuncture and massage therapy, but had to go to three different places . Here all three services are available in one place. I especially appreciate the professional care I get from the chiropractor, Dr. Rollins. She's a very good listener, always very warm and professional. And I love the results of her care. After seeing the chiropractor, you can see the physical therapist mmediately. They always greet you and let you know you'll be taken care of quickly. Everyone is easygoing and friendly and very professional. The front desk makes it easy to schedule your appointments. But I wish they either opened earlier or stayed open later or on weekends since their hours of operation are the exact hours when I'm supposed to be at work. Even though it's tough to get there with my schedule, I make it there at least twice a month since the benefits are so worth it.

    W Y.

    This is the best physical therapy provider I have ever experienced. I have had treatment with the following therapists: Cesar, Rob, and Yinka. All three of these individuals are intelligent, respectful, and above all caring. Through their treatment and guidance, I have continued to improve my condition. I recommend all of them for treatment. In addition, Dr. Panjawami was extremely thorough and referred me to a neurologist before I began treatment. I strongly recommend Maxwell Medical if you require physical therapy

    D K.

    This office has the best of all worlds. Chris is an excellent physical therapist, he does my massage therapy too. Dr. Rollins is an great chiropracter, I have gone to another practice, who didn't really do the job effectively, and Rollins can't be beat. I wish I could go more than I do. The front desk staff is also highly accomodative of a hectic New Yorker's schedule. Can't ask for better service.

    Esti C.

    I feel lucky to find Maxwell medical at my neighborhood The teraphy was the best I received so far- i feel blessed ! Sheree was extremely professional and direct with the massage, also nice to receive massage from a energetic spiritual sweet lady:) I felt such a relief after only 30 minutes of massage theraphy. Ferwah at the front desk was very helpufl with all the information she gave me.thanks to her I feel that my pain can be cured.. I already scheduled another session for next Friday- I'm so looking forward! Thank you all for amazing service!

    Robert G.

    I was recommended by a friend to Maxwell.I had the most debilitating pain in my shoulder that you can imagine so I decided to give it a try.the front desk was very friendly asked me for my insurance info and scheduled the 1/2 hour free massage..on my next visit I was scheduled for an acupuncture treatment physical therapy. chiropractor and doctor consultation. my appointment was for 11 a.m. And there was no waiting I was promptly lead to the physical therapy area where I was treated by Yinka and on subsequent visits by Cesar both were both were very professional and amazingly talented at their craft. The chiropractor Dr. Ron diagnosed my problem right away and in two visits had me feeling like a new man.The physician Dr. Arti mapped out a treatment plan that was exactly what I needed. My total experience at Maxwell was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who has any kind of lingering pain or sports injury.

    Caren S.

    I have to give MaxWell Medical 5 stars because they opened during a time when no one wants to be in the same room as others. They took extreme precaution to make sure I was protected as well as their staff. The front desk took my temperature, offered me a new mask, gloves and hand sanitizer as soon as I walked in. The floor is marked off with 6 feet separations and all of the beds you lie on are covered with disposable material and changed right after you get up with a disinfected wipe then covered with new disposable materials. Chris Lee had protective gear on and washed hands between patients and wore gloves. I am confident I won't catch anything here. After not having an adjustment since March 14, my spine was feeling stuck. Dr. Rollins - thanks for releasing my spine!!! Thank you for opening!!! Nice to see people again!!

    Andre W.

    Beware: They work magic!! I started going there months ago with pain and soreness in my neck and upper back. I was a bit skeptical- as I had never been to a chiropractor and never had a medical massage or acupuncture. The ladies at the front desk are amazing and are great at handling my insurance and reminding me of upcoming appointments. I typically see one of two chiropractors and they are great at identifying issues and adjusting right where I need it, as well as giving advice and exercises/stretches that I can do between visits. The massages are great also. Who I get assigned for the massage is rotated, but they all have my chart and pick up right where the others left off. I typically get electronic simulation at the end of every massage and shots from the doctor to release pressure points when needed. On Fridays they have acupuncture, which I highly recommend that you give a try. I never tried it before and was super skeptical of but 8 months later... I have never looked back. I let her know what's been bothering me lately health wise (stomach, back, sinuses, etc) and she focuses on treatment for that problem. I have also recently tried the cupping w/acupuncture. It leaves weird bruises for a few days but feels great and is said to work wonders for muscle recovery! Finally you get a free evaluation and massage to try them out on your first visit & even if you are out of network, you still may not have to pay out of pocket other than copay- depending on your plan.

    Heidi M.

    I've been in pain (neck and back) nearly every waking moment for the past 10 years. What aggravates the pain the most is sitting at the computer, which is unfortunate for me because I'm a writer. I've been going to this practice to get physical therapy, medical massage therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture three days a week for the past four months, and my pain level is the lowest it's ever been. My chronic pain used to be a total drag, whereas now it's a bearable discomfort. It's so convenient to have all of these services under one roof. I no longer have to run around Manhattan jumping from practice to practice in order to keep my pain level low enough to continue working. And I love the staff - Martine, Anya, Raul, Chris, Tomiko, Sherrie, Dr. Tan, Dr. Vasquez, and the rest of the team make me feel like I'm family. I look forward to every visit. Thank you Maxwell Medical! I'm Heidi M. and I approve of this review.

    Elaine B.

    I went to this location of Maxwell Medical for almost a year for lower back pain but had to switch when switching jobs 🙁 They have excellent service and are always super accommodating, providing a lot of times for appointments. The front desk staff is incredibly friendly and professional (Martine, Edilania, etc.) Back pain is tough and it's hard to find a magic solution but I always leave Maxwell Medical feeling much better. They also have locations all throughout Manhattan and seamlessly transitioned me to a new office when another location became more convenient for me. They are great!

    Lakeisha H.

    The entire staff is very very very professional, the front desk staff are very explanatory with medical paperwork and which documents to sign and why. The doctors are very profesional and exceptionally dressed you can tell they are here to assist with your possible illness/injury with no hesitation. (Dr. Vazquez) the therapy staff (Punja) are amazing with there therapeutic work. I recommend this place/location 21 st in Manhattan one million %.

    Cam H.

    Came here for a complimentary 30 minute massage. Receptionists were wonderful, the initial consultation to find the root of my problem was very informative, and the massage was great. I forgot the name of the person who gave me the massage, but she was very relaxed and understood how the muscles and movements worked. Would definitely recommend to anybody looking for a physical therapy practice!

    Michael L.

    The staff at the W 21st Street Flatiron location are wonderful and very professional. Martine and Ania are a pleasure to deal with and always helpful. They take the time to understand your pain and to explain how their team can help you. The multi-disciplinary approach they use here is very effective. The MDs, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, and Physical Therapists are first-rate. They have helped me tremendously. I highly recommend this place for those suffering from serious neck and lower-back pain.

    Anthony C.

    I absolutely love this place - and not just the way it makes my back feel after a full treatment. I love the people and the culture they have established. For starters the employees at the front desk are super sweet, and I have become quiet close w them over the past 18 months. I first heard about this place from a co worker and obviously checked them out on Yelp. I actually setup a on-site for them at my office (Yelp) and people loved the back treatments they gave. While their I have really enjoyed working with my MD, chiropractor and literally love my back massages, TP injections and stem pads. I walk out of there feeling relaxed and my back is no longer in pain. Also visit frequently enough and you have the chance to win some giveaways. I got 2 tickets to Rihanna a few months back. Great seats for free!

    Anika D.

    Maxwell Medical is amazing. The staff are extremely nice. They have an incredible amount of patience. The services are affordable. They helped me so much with my neck and back pain. I actually enjoy going to therapy even though the sports massages can be very intense. I highly recommend them!

    Abe L.

    Unbelievably amazing! Changed my life. I go three times a week. Friendliest most supportive staff and great atmosphere. I feel so blessed to have found this place!

    Elena W.

    I am so thankful I found Maxwell Medical! I am the kind of person who waits until I am at death's door to go to the doctor, and when my back pain finally got bad enough that I couldn't sleep I caved and took a friend's recommendation to pay them a visit. The entire staff is so kind and helpful from the front desk to the chiropractors and the physical therapists. They were very knowledgeable about how to work with my insurance and walked me through every step of the process. Most visits involved a consultation with a chiropractor where we discussed my treatment plan, evaluated my progress, aligned my back and then discussed stretches for me to do at home. That was followed by medical massage from one of their many talented therapists. My back pain is gone and I sing their praises to anyone who is even considering seeing a chiropractor. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner! Thanks Maxwell Medical!

    Mark L.

    This is the best physical therapy experience I've had EVER -- after years of low back pain, I finally found these guys. They offer many modalities (chiropractic, medical massage, dry-needling, and more), which was great for me because I found each one complemented one another and was thoughtfully integrated into my regular visits. The office staff is incredibly kind and flexible with scheduling, and easy to make /move appointments by email, all of which was important to me because my schedule is all over the place. I can't recommend their care highly enough. (And perhaps less important, but the office has a nice aesthetic; doesn't feel like a sweat shop or windowless rehab center -- I've been to those too, and Maxwell's vibe is way better.)

    Rosa C.

    Wow, one of the best healthcare experiences ever. MaxWell is a medical practice that offers chiropractic care as well as physical therapy. It's super easy to schedule appointments because they're so flexible. Everyone at MaxWell is courteous and professional, from the receptionists to the chiropractors, to the physical therapists, and even the doctors. I never feel rushed and everyone patiently listens to my concerns every time. The reception desk makes me feel like I'm at a spa and not a doctor's office. Most doctor office receptionists seem so overworked and impatient, and the receptionists here are so friendly and relaxed. The facility is also very new, very clean, and spacious enough for New York City real estate. A typical visit for me looks like this: I go twice a week to address my lower back pain. I meet with a doctor every few weeks to go over diagnostics and improvement. Every visit, I first meet with a chiropractor who realigns my spine and hips. These interactions take from 5 minutes to 15 minutes, but usually on the shorter side. Then I gown up for physical therapy, consisting of a massage for about 30 minutes, stretching of my muscles by the PT, and electrical stimulation for about 15 minutes. Then I'm on my way home, feeling less tense and more "aligned". It all takes about an hour. I also really like that the PTs focus on education and they teach me stretches and exercises that will strengthen my weak points and help loosen up tense muscles. The massages that are part of the physical therapy regimen are so relaxing. Don't expect a spa-like environment for the massage, though. Instead of zen music and a quiet room, this set up allows you to hear the conversations of the staff and visitor laying next to you, separated by a privacy curtain. As you lay on the massage table, you can hear staff walking around outside your massage area that's curtained off. But I don't mind, because between the PTs working out the knots in my muscles and the tingly electrical stimulation, I'm sufficiently pleased with the results. They also offer trigger point injection therapy if it's necessary for your diagnosis. Their business model makes it very affordable for me, even though they are considered an out-of-network practice under my insurance. Plus, there are perks if you refer friends to their practice. There's also complimentary tea and fruit. I am enjoying my progress and experience at MaxWell and will continue to return until I'm fully rehabilitated!

    Tania A.

    I was referred to Maxwell Medical by a friend. I was in a car accident a few months ago and have been on a path of slow recovery by going to different physical therapy clinic for months. However, my back went out all of a sudden and I was in desperate need of some sort of therapy. My regular physical therapy clinic was unavailable to take appointments at such notice. However, Maxwell Medical, was able to see me right away (I am lucky they were). Upon entering, I noticed that the customer service is something that is valued greatly here. The staff is incredibly friendly and hospitable including the doctors, chiropractors, and therapists. Everyone is extremely professional and the facilities are very clean. The overall quality of healthcare service I received was excellent. The doctors were able to quickly diagnose my problem. The physical therapist performed a soft tissue treatment which was excellent. I have had soft tissue treatments in the past and they were all below mediocre compared the treatments received at Maxwell. In addition, the doctor performed a dry needling procedure which was absolutely painless for me! In the past, the dry needling treatment has been very painful in other clinics. This clinic is definitely worth your time to check out if you are having back problems because I feel that the medical staff is of high quality and very knowledgable. Unlike other places, that offer mediocre service to hope that you come back for repeat business, I feel that Maxwell truly cares about your recovery. Would I come back? Most definitely! In fact, it will be my new physical therapy clinic now on. It is absolutely worth the out-of-network status for me because I know I am being taken care of by not only friendly staff, but knowledgable medical professionals.

    Marci C.

    A coworker assured me that those free promotions they hand out on the street are legit and it's worth checking out. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after my 30 minute medical massage with Chris Lee, I would definitely go back. He helped my back and neck pain, felt great after my quick visit and look forward to scheduling another appt for medical massage and possibly other services. The receptionist was friendly and helpful, and they took me in to the room right away.

    Charlie D.

    Visited the office after experiencing a tingling sensation in my upper back which was difficult to describe. I felt it would just end up being one of those sensations that I would just have to end up dealing with on my own. However, I'm glad a friend convinced me to give the office a visit. They were able to understand the feeling I was having; even through my ambiguous description of what I was experiencing. The doctor was able to pull up the nerve that was bothering me on her display and describe to me what was happening. Physical therapy after the consultation was amazing and felt very satisfied with my experience there after the session. Glad I didn't come up with a whole bunch of excuses to avoid seeking medical treatment and glad I came here.

    Gabi S.

    y oasis for relief!! Love the doctors, chiropractors, therapists and admin staff @ 58th! Everything about this place --from the layout and décor to the music they softly pipe into the office, and the amicable smiling disposition of everyone who I've encountered - has been strategically designed to welcome you and provide an atmosphere of pure tranquility and therapy. Go! Make an appointment and FEEL better!

    Mary W.

    I went to Maxwell Medical with a stiff neck and a lot of overall tension in my shoulders. The outer office was welcoming, with a warm yet professional feel. I particularly liked the orchids decorating the space. I was lucky to have Barry as a massage therapist - magic hands and super nice as well. Dr. Rollins adjusted my neck and I have been able to move it freely since September. The 3 locations are easy to get to as well. I definitely plan to return to Maxwell Medical as soon as I return to NYC.

    Mimi K.

    The 58th street Maxwell Medical location is probably the definition of excellent customer service! From the moment you walk in, the energy makes you feel better than at home. The receptionists are not only professional and thorough, they are also beyond accommodating; and this transcends into the entire staff! After having a horrible experience at another location, I was a bit apprehensive to start Physical Therapy here. However by day 2, they had me hooked. It's absolutely nowhere near my home, but I come for their attention to detail to all of my specific needs, their genuine interest in the improvement of my health, and consistent friendliness. They make you feel like you're the only patient who exists while you're there. I highly recommend Maxwell Medical on 58th. I'm not a big review writer, but I know how hard it was for me to find such an awesome place, so I must spread the word! 10's across the board :-)!!

    Jasmine E.

    I went to Maxwell Medical after receiving a flyer for a free 30 min massage. I was skeptical, thinking that a free massage might not be that great, but I was totally wrong. Christina gave me one of the best neck massages I've ever had (and thats saying a lot, as I am also a massage therapist!) I've been a patient now for a month, and will definitely continue coming to this office. The girls at the front desk are friendly and helpful and explained all the complicated insurance benefits really well. It's always a great feeling to walk in to the office and be greeted by such happy people. Dr. Roth gives a great adjustment- gentle but effective. I've seen Chris and Christina for physical therapy and they both have outstanding technique..I can literally feel the knots in my shoulders getting smaller after each visit. And no, I'm not exaggerating for a review 🙂

    Erica T.

    This office is fantastic! I'm 38 weeks pregnant and they took such good care of me. I saw Dr. Rollins who gave me a wonderful chiropractic adjustment and my back feels better than it has in weeks. Then I saw Aileen who did acupuncture on me to help me with some blood pressure issues I've been having and my headache was gone by the time I walked out the door. Don't even get me started on Liz's hands, they are amazing! I'm going to send tons of people their way!

    Jin K.

    Today was my 3rd trip to Maxwell Medical's 58th st office. What a fabulous place! The office is brand new and very clean. Everyone is so courteous and professional. Chris and Barry were super attentive and hit all the right spots. The therapy sessions were relaxing and soothing. This is the best I've felt in weeks! I highly recommend this place. I cant wait to book my next appointment.

    Todd S.

    I've been to many different massage therapists and chiropractors offices in New York, and I've had many bad experiences, so I had low expectations going to this office. I was skeptical about the free massage card I was handed by someone in the subway station, but it was free, so I wanted to give it a try. The new Maxwell Medical office is excellent quality. The staff are organized, smart, very down-to-earth, and personable. From the receptionists, to Dr. Ross (I think that was his name), and Paula the massage therapist, everything was excellent. They also didn't try to push their services, which is what I expected. I thought the free massage was a foot-in-the-door technique and they would push a lot of services on me. That didn't happen at all. They let my experience and the services sell themselves. I really appreciated that. If you're looking for a great massage or a good chiropractor, definitely give them a try.

    CC J.

    A coworker recommended me to the Maxwell location @52nd Street/Madison. I had gotten one of their flyers for a "free" 30-minute massage in the subway. I was apprehensive and questioned whether they were the real deal. After procrastinating, cancelling many times, and dealing with back aches and pains, I called and was given an appointment on that very same day. I have to admit, I was wrong. They were great!!! Their staff is always friendly and accommodating. The PT was amazing and had me walking straight by the time I left. I am definitely a big fan and recommending all of my friends. And the best part of it too, is that they accept my insurance. So I will now be a regular for adjustments, massages and everything else I need to keep this body intact - woohoo.

    Erika R.

    I've been a patient at Maxwell Medical for just under 3 years. I used to go to their 40th st and 52nd st locations, and just went to their new 58th st location. Hands down, these guys are the best physical therapists I've gone to in NYC (I've been to 6 other different PT places). The wait (if any) is minimal and therapists are effective and efficient. The massage therapy is excellent, usually followed by electric stim with heat. I also highly recommend the trigger point injections; I have had bad muscle spasms in my back and they respond very well to these injections. Other points to note: the office managers and other staff are courteous and attentive--they even remind you of your upcoming appointments the day before. And last, but certainly not least, the office is always clean and bright--something I cannot necessarily say for other PT places I've been to. All in all, MM is great at what they do. I highly recommend them.

    Clare C.

    Maxwell Medical has been great for me. i am always looking for options for healing and I figured I would take them up on the free massage which was great. Luckily, they accepted my insurance at the 58th street location which was good for me and work. Everyone was good there, but especially helpful to me was Dr. Rosado, Barry Greco (a great massage therapist and nice person), and Liz Cortez, another massage therapist. Dr. Rollins, the chiropractor, has been amazing. For me it has been a healing experience.

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